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Fort Worth public school district sparks outrage after teachers were given a course on CRT and taught there’s ‘a little white man inside all of us’

by Daily Mail
November 25th 2021, 4:53 am
Image Credit:
Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images
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The Fort Worth public school district has sparked outrage after giving teachers a course on critical race theory where they were taught ‘there’s a little white man inside all of us,’ despite denying that CRT is being taught in its schools. 

The Fort Worth Independent School District in Texas in May denied that critical race theory is taught in its schools, however, an ex-committee member, Carlos Turcios – who recently resigned from the committee over CRT, exposed classes that were offered to teachers about how to implement CRT into their classrooms. 

The school district offered courses for teachers to explain CRT and how to recognize bias and implement open discussions in the classroom. It is unclear when the classes were offered, but it is believed to be in 2020.

Despite denying it was teaching CRTY, in a 2020 Zoom meeting, Superintendent Kent Scribner said he was ‘very proud that we have the courage to have these conversations and that we have the skilled leadership with the right values to make this work’ after introducing the new courses being offered for teachers.

Turcios, however, says the school district is ‘doing a disservice to the students by teaching them that color is everything.’  

Alex Jones opens up about the innocent victims of race war terrorism encouraged by the left.

‘The superintendent and the bureaucracy are doing a disservice to the students by teaching them that color is everything, that America is oppressive, and that white supremacy is everywhere,’ Turcios told Fox News on Monday. 

‘Last time I checked, critical race theory doesn’t help kids learn how to pay the bills, pay their taxes or pass that job interview.’ 

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